Nominate a Staff Member with GRIT

From Dr. Roberts:

As you know we are focusing on GRIT this year at Baines Middle School.  We want to provide our staff and students opportunities to grow, be resilient, take initiative, and be tenacious.  We have tied the focus on GRIT to gardening.  We want to plant seeds of knowledge, inspiration, motivation, and belief in our students and our staff.

This year, we would like you to have an opportunity to recognize any staff member who has shown the elements of GRIT (growth, resilience, initiative, or tenacity) or the attributes of the FBIS Profile of a Graduate:  communication or collaboration.

Please use this link to nominate a staff member for Gardener of the Month.  This is a staff remember who has gone above and beyond to help your child or others practice GRIT or in the areas of communication or collaboration.  The link will be available each month and the nomination window will close on the last Friday of the month.